Loxton SES on the volunteer lookout

A LOCAL State Emergency Services unit manager has put the call out for more volunteers to sign up and become a part of the team.
Michael Woosnam, from the Loxton SES, said the unit is always on the look out for volunteers to lend a hand.
He said the Loxton branch is currently made up of 19 members, including the canine team members.
Mr Woosnam said being involved in the SES is “extremely rewarding” and a place where people can build lifelong skills.
“We deal with a lot of different situations, including storm and flood response, marine rescue and land search,” he said.
“Another part of our role is road crash rescue, so when people are trapped in a vehicle.
“Our role is to recover them, extricate them, and of course we work with the other agencies, like SAPOL, SA Ambulance, CFS and MFS.
“It’s really important we work well with the other branches.”
Mr Woosnam said the past few months had been quiet due to COVID, but his team was still ready for anything.
“With COVID it hasn’t been as busy and there’s been less traffic on the roads,” he said.
“(However), we train to be the best we can be – we prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”
Loxton SES’s general rescue group trains Tuesday nights and the canine group trains Thursday nights.
Mr Woosnam said anyone is invited to head along for a look and to get involved.
“We can always do with more numbers and we’re looking for younger people,” he said.
“It’s pretty much a young man’s game. Some of the stuff we do is pretty energetic and arduous.”
Mr Woosnam said some of the scenarios the SES attend can be confronting, but volunteers can choose to specialise in different aspects of the unit’s role.
“You don’t have to become an expert in everything,” he said.
“You can choose to work in only certain situations and you can specialise in whatever you like.”
For more information, a tour of the Loxton SES facility or to join up call Mr Woosnam on 0414 833 949.

Jane Kuerschner


Jane Kuerschner completed a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of South Australia in 2014. She worked as an editorial messenger at The Advertiser before starting as a journalist at the Murray Pioneer. She grew up in Orroroo before completing her high school education and university studies in Adelaide. Jane is passionate about sport and in particular Australian Rules.

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