Loxcare to get some street appeal

Loxcare co-ordinator Bev Scarfe is looking forward to the building’s exterior receiving a mural makeover in coming weeks. PHOTO: Stephanie Thompson

A LOXTON building will receive a splash of paint and an artistic makeover in coming weeks.
The Loxcare building on Drabsch Street received $7000 through a place-making grant from the Department of Human Services.
Loxcare co-ordinator Bev Scarfe said she is looking forward to seeing the mural project unfold.
“It’s called ‘place making’ because it’s about helping you to give a higher profile to your building,” she said.
“But, also to make it inclusive to the whole community and to break down any barriers stopping people from coming to your community house.”
Mrs Scarfe said the building was in “need of wakening up”.
“In order to help people feel welcome, we are working together with the Loxton Arts Group,” she said.
“Local artist Lyn Anstey will take a creative leadership role.”
Students from Loxton High School’s Flexible Learning Options program will also contribute.
“Part of our charter with the place-making project is to make sure we have as much community involvement as possible,” Mrs Scarfe said.
“If anyone in the community has any ideas, please contact us.”
For more information, or to get involved, call Loxcare on 8584 6954.

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