Gold highlight of Karri’s career

Former Berri girls Georgie Parker (centre) and Karri McMahon (right) proudly show off heir Commonwealth Games gold medals with fellow South Australian Jane Claxton following Australia’s thrilling penalty shoot-out victory against England. PHOTO: Ady Kerry, AK Pictures

Berri’s Karri McMahon has described the Hockeyroos’ gold winning performance at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow as a “career highlight”.
McMahon and fellow Berri player Georgie Parker were pivotal in Australia taking out the gold.
“Winning the gold was a career highlight and it meant so much having a support network over there with my Mum, a family friend and boyfriend,” McMahon said. “It was a very special moment.”
The final culminated in Australia beating England 3-1 in a penalty shootout, but the Aussies trailed by a goal with only a minute remaining in regular time.
McMahon was subbed on during the game and said Australia dominated play, but could not find the goal it needed.
“The final minutes were the most nerve wrecking that I’ve ever experienced, especially in that last minute,” McMahon said. “But to our credit we fought to the very end and the result showed the true reflection of the game.”
McMahon was happy to be watching her teammates, including Parker, take the penalty shots on goal.
“We practice the penalty shoot outs every day at training and the five that took them are our best,” she said.
“So I had complete faith that they would score and it makes it slightly easier not having control over the outcome.”
McMahon said sharing the moment with fellow Riverlander Parker made it even more special.
“It’s rare that you have two people from the same town and it’s amazing that I can play with a fellow Berri girl who can score some incredible goals,” she said.
After starting on the field for all of Australia’s World Cup games a month earlier, McMahon found herself used off the bench at the Games.
“I was playing midfielder this tournament for the first time and was happy with my performance and it gives me another notch in my belt for the future,” she said.
“But I thought I played well and got good feedback from the coaches, so I could not be more happy with the Games.”
The tournament was McMahon’s first multi-sport event and she said she enjoyed the atmosphere.
“Village life is great,” she said. “You get to meet so many amazing people and the accommodation and food was great.
“But once the Games started it was all business as usual so it was just like other hockey trips.”
McMahon is currently taking a small break but will be back in Australia for the Australian Hockey League in Brisbane in October, before heading to Argentina in November for the Champions Trophy.

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