Desiree returns to the Riverland… Can you hear the angel sing?

Former Riverlander Desiree Frahn reprises her role as the angel in Little Town Productions’ Three Kings this weekend. PHOTO: supplied

Eighteen years since her first performance, a local star is set to return to the big stage for a special 20-year celebration.
Former Renmark resident Desiree Frahn first captivated audiences as the angel in Little Town Productions’ 2001 Christmas performance, and now – after more than 10 years absent from the Loxton stage – she has reprised her role for the 2019 production Three Kings.
“I’m so excited and thrilled that they asked me to be involved again,” Ms Frahn said.
“It means a lot to me that they thought of me and invited me back for the 20th year.”
Ms Frahn said she was first introduced to Little Town through her father.
“I used to go (to the performance) with my dad, brother and sister when we were kids, and sit up with him and help with the lighting and stuff,” she said.
“One day, when we were all at the (Loxton) pizza bar afterwards, my sister made a joke that there wasn’t enough music and it should be a musical.
“The next year (the organisers) were like, ‘So we’re going to turn it into a musical, how would you like the be the angel we talked about?’
“From then on, I was always the angel.”
Due to limited speaking requirements, Ms Frahn said she was allowed to miss some rehearsals.
“The angel doesn’t speak, just sings, and because I wasn’t from Loxton… I didn’t have to go to all of the rehearsals, so it was easier,” she said.
“The angel is the commentator of the story, and it appears in flashbacks or over-arching emotive points in the story.
“It’s the reminder that this is a much bigger story than the small moments we see.”
Ms Frahn said she was excited to return to the role after more than 10 years.
“It’s always wonderful to have an excuse to come back, other than seeing my family,” she said.
“I still feel at home here – it’s the place that I grew up, it’s the place I identify with and it’s the place that I started my craft.
“It’s where I built the foundations to what has become my career.
“It feels right to be able to come back and touch base with these people, touch base with the area and touch base with the Riverland arts – I don’t think I could ever stay away.”
Ms Frahn – who now works with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra – said she was eager to perform another rendition of Little Town’s Christmas production.
“The angel does a lot of singing, and the music is really good this year,” she said.
“Some of the pieces that (musical director) Karyn Skewes created around John’s lyrics are just really powerful.”
Three Kings will be performed at St Peter’s Lutheran Church in Loxton this Friday and Saturday night, from 8pm, and Sunday afternoon and night, from 3pm and 8pm.
To book tickets, visit the Little Town website (

Morgan Burley


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