Council ‘yes’ to Hungry Jack’s


Plans to bring fast food giant Hungry Jack’s to Renmark are a mere burger flip away, thanks to the local council’s approval of development plans recently.

Last month, the Pioneer reported on the Burger King franchise establishing an outlet in Renmark by the end of the year.

However, a Hungry Jack’s spokesperson said plans to build Hungry Jack’s had now been pushed back to “commence early in the new year”.

“The development plan consent for a new Hungry Jack’s restaurant in Renmark has been approved by the Renmark Paringa Council,” the spokesperson said.

“Once opened, the new restaurant will save local residents a drive over the border to Mildura for fresh, flame-grilled food from Hungry Jacks.”

The spokesperson said Hungry Jack’s restaurant establishments typically create around 60 new jobs in the local community.

Renmark Paringa Council’s director of corporate and community services Nathan Haynes said that council had also provided consent for construction of an integrated service station complex.

It is understood the service station in question is an On the Run franchise on the corner of Renmark Avenue and Twenty-first Street, Renmark.

Mr Haynes said the development of a new business within the district would provide opportunities for locals and benefits to the region’s economy.

“Whether it represents one job or 50 jobs, there is a positive outcome,” he said.

“The area’s service providers may also experience some increased business as a result.”

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