Chaffey Theatre kicks on at 3am


While most soccer fans were glued to their televisions at home in the early hours of Monday morning, an eager group of locals flocked to a local cinema to experience the World Cup final on the silver screen.

Around 70 soccer fans gathered at Renmark’s Chaffey Theatre at around 3am for a screening of the FIFA match between Germany and Argentina telecast directly from SBS.

Chaffey Theatre administration officer Lara Vallelonga said the live screening was a first for the theatre since the recent installation of new satellite technology.

“We had a lot of young people who came to enjoy the barbecue with their friends, rather than sitting at home and watching it (the game) on the couch,” she said.

“We were open from 2.30am, so the staff’s body clocks might have struggled a bit because it was a long and unusual shift.”

Miss Vallelonga said the Chaffey Theatre was considering screening other prime sporting events in the future.

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