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Letters to the Editor: Friday, July 21

It’s time to wake up I SUBMITTED a letter to this publication quite some years ago regarding the increasing influence of foreign powers upon the financial and political machinations of this country. At the time the very concerning purchasing of water rights towards the top end of the Murray system was happening and many Australian-centric […]

Letters to the Editor: Tuesday, June 18

New council, same old results? I WOULD like to know why Berri Barmera councillors have been against the capping of variances on tenders by contractors. When Stephen Lynch was a councillor, he put up a motion of capping variances to 10 per cent on accepted tenders. This could have saved a bucket load of residents’ […]

Letters to the Editor: Friday, June 14

Overcommitted to the good life? WHEN the Reserve Bank lowered its interest rates last week, it fired off one of the last six shots remaining in the chamber. The warning signs point to an exceptionally weak economy susceptible to a growing list of international shocks, writes ABC business editor Ian Verrender. I really believe that […]

Letters to the Editor: June 7

Road acccidents don’t just happen SO the road safety experts are puzzled and perplexed as to why the road toll climbs despite lowering speed limits and increasing fines. I may have the hindsight of having driven a variety of vehicles (including emergency response vehicles) under a variety of conditions, in a variety of countries over […]

Letters to the Editor: June 4, 2019

I’m forever grateful I HAVE never been more appreciative and in awe of medical professionals than I am now. I recently gave birth to my son in the Riverland General Hospital and I can safely say my life and my baby’s life were both in the staff’s hands. After labour complications I was rushed into […]

Letters to the Editor: May 31, 2019

Not wasting time on council submission RATEPAYERS could be forgiven after reading the Murray Pioneer’s editorial on Tuesday (‘Rate rises the headline act’, 28/5/19) that rate rises are partly out of council’s control due to the increase in valuations. But councillors have complete control over how much and where rates will be spent. Councils have […]