Berri building flattened by fire

The cause of a fire which destroyed a Berri residence on Tuesday night is yet to be determined.
About 30 Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) and Country Fire Service (CFS) fire fighters attended the Fenwick Road blaze shortly after 8pm.
No one was inside the property at the time of the blaze, which caused about $60,000 damage.
Local SA Police crime scene investigators will work to determine the cause of the fire.
MFS regional commander Kevin Eckermann said fire fighters took extra precautions at the asbestos-clad residence.
“It was quite an old building,” he said.
“It was already well involved when we got there.
“Because it had already collapsed the focus was on drowning it with water until it went out.
“Asbestos creates other issues for us. We have to do an asbestos decontamination which involved the crew being…. doused with water and we take their gear and send it to the supplier for a special process to get all the asbestos fibres out of the material.”
Commander Eckermann said gas cylinders close to the building were also an issue for fire crews.
“Generally gas cylinders are not going to explode unless they’re damaged,” he said.
“If you let the heat impinge on them long enough the cylinder will damage… so the object is to keep them cool and they can be safe.”
Two water tankers from Renmark and Monash supplied water to fire crews.