Beginning to look lot like Christmas

The Waikerie Christmas Decoration committee and Rotarian helpers setting up the Waikerie Christmas Trail on Monday. Pictured are committee members and Waikerie Rotarians (from left) Clive Matthews, Erin Jones, Sharon Thompson with grandson Chester, Barb and Richard Hall, Luisa Falcinella, Robert Norman, Graeme Thompson with grandson Freddie, Jan Centofanti, and Donna Matthews. PHOTO: Erin Williams

WAIKERIE is looking festive with Christmas decorations hanging in the town’s CBD, and the upcoming tree trail lighting up will spread further cheer across the region.
Nearly 120 Christmas trees have been set up at Federation Park – behind the Rain Moth Gallery on Peake Terrace, Waikerie – and will be officially lit up and open to visitors this Sunday.
Waikerie Christmas Decoration committee spokesperson Donna Matthews said dozens of community groups, businesses, sports clubs, schools, and more decorated the 2.4m plywood trees, which were set up on Monday.
“The decoration committee is small, and we couldn’t have done this huge event again without all the help we’ve received,” she said. “Thanks to the Loxton Waikerie council for funding this event, and to the Waikerie Rotarians for all their help in delivering the trees.
“Further thanks to all the helpers we had on Monday who were carting around trees and putting them in the ground – it’s a big effort. Also, a big thank you to the community for their creativity. Every tree looks unique and spectacular.”
Mrs Matthews said while the recent COVID-19 lockdown threw a spanner in the works, the committee and helpers had “worked hard” to set up the park on time.
“We had delayed the delivery of trees and official opening due to the weekend’s lockdown, but we’re back on track now,” she said. “While the trees are now at the park, we ask the community to please be patient in viewing them until the light-up on Sunday.
“We still have a bit more decorating to do, and would like people to see it when everything is completed.”

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