Bad times for business

Read what you want into Target’s decision to close its Renmark store.

The official line is that the store is not “performing” and is “unsustainable”.

In fact, those descriptions suggest the decision came down to simple dollars and cents.

But what does the closure say about Renmark’s retail situation and, more broadly, the state of the Riverland economy?

As we all know, Renmark’s retail dynamic changed forever when the Renmark Plaza opened its doors.

For better or worse, the town’s hub was effectively divided and foot traffic in the town’s CBD dived dramatically, fatally for some stores, Target included, it would seem.

But don’t underplay the wider economic malaise currently facing retail outlets and business in general across our region.

It’s been said before, but it’s worth repeating: without a strong, thriving agriculture sector, the Riverland will continue to struggle and will ultimately contract.

Good, even average seasons for irrigators equal cash flow and better times for all of us not employed by one of the three levels of government.

Without those ‘better times’, expect to see more examples of businesses closing doors.

And of course businesses closing equals job losses, which in turn leads to the dreaded population drift.